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Monthly Archive: February 2016

It’s not about how much you study, it’s about how you study.

Last week my blog got quite a few reactions so this week I’d like to continue on the topic of how to study. How much time you get for your music lessons, whether it’s 22,5 minutes per week (like my students in Kleve), 45 minutes every two weeks, a workshop[…]

Half an hour a day.

During my years at the conservatory I was sometimes jealous of one of my roomies. He studied psychology, but spent most of his days doing other things. During the day he hardly had to be at the university and most nights he would be out on the town. The only[…]

A logo

For a long time now I have been playing with the idea of having a logo made to capture the many aspects of my work as a harpist. The idea stuck in my head, so when it was time to make plans for this new year I decided to take[…]