Hello I'm

Anouk Platenkamp

Producing YouTube videos to help you become a better harpist

On The Subject Of Me

Get to know me a little bit better

I started playing the harp at the age of 10. Studying with Dutch harpist Diana de Vries and later at the conservatory of Maastricht with Josefine van Son and Masumi Nagasawa.

After graduating I moved back to the Nijmegen area, where I met harp builder Hans den Brok. He got me playing in my first Irish band (Gwyddle), which led me to follow my first ever Irish workshop by Grainne Hambly. 
It changed the way I played music: from only learning by reading music to learning by ear. From only playing what was written to writing my own arrangements and improvising.

My main interests are folk/traditional music from European countries, which at the moment is mainly Scandinavian and Dutch music.
I also play therapeutic music in the ICU and for people in care facilities. Which also led me to start singing with the harp.

As a hobby I like to be creative with yarn and fabric: knitting, spinning, quilting, sewing anything goes.

I live in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) with my husband Pedro and my son Logan.

Studio Equipment

Here's what I use

You might be interested in knowing which equipment I play and what I use to record.

My harps

My main lever harp is a Dusty Strings FH36 made from cherry wood. It is strung with nylon strings.
I also play a 26 string Seraphine, also made from cherry wood, by German harp builder Pepe Weissgerber.
Apart from those I own a few harps made by Hans den Brok and of a pedal harp (Lyon & Healy Style 23).

Microphone and camera

I am still looking for the ultimate set-up but for now I am quite happy with the Blue Yetti microphone that I use to record the video’s. The camera I use is a Logitec streamcam.

Recording and editing

My recordings are made with OBS, and I edit them with Shotcut.