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Playing by ear

In two weeks I will be teaching a course on ‘playing by ear’ at the Harfentreffen  in Germany. I’m really looking forward to it, so I here’s a blog to get you all excited about playing by ear too. Many people consider playing by ear to be difficult and something[…]

Practising a piece with metronome.

Once you are used to playing something with a metronome you can start studying pieces with it. I would advise you to start with a piece that you have been studying for a while (in other words; with which you have no technique difficulties), but that isn’t finished enough to[…]

Practical info: how do I study with a metronome?

Here’s a tip for anyone who has never studied with a metronome before: turn it on and just try to play a note on the beat with the metronome. You can also start by counting along (aloud or in your mind) or by clapping, stamping on the floor or walking[…]

Why would you study with a metronome?

When you play an instrument, there is something that, sooner or later, you will find yourself getting acquainted with: the metronome. The metronome as we know it now was developed in 1815 in England, by Johann Maelzel, who continued on the work of Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel, who invented the mechanical[…]

Choices, choices… (to be made when buying a new harp)

When you go looking for a harp to buy or rent you will learn a lot of new things. You might start wondering why you are having to make all these choices without knowing much about it; it might even seem you are being asked to do the impossible…. In[…]

Playing together

For the last few months both my students and those of my colleague Nanja Bakker have been studying hard with the music of Flidias, a piece for a harp ensemble and a storyteller. It is an ancient Irish story set to music by Dutch harpist Inge Frimout-Hei. The piece is well[…]

Start with harp

Around September, with the start of the new school year, many people start a new hobby. This can be anything from salsa dancing to drawing, but in my case I mostly meet the harpists-to-be. A new hobby means you need materials to work with. For harp lessons you should count[…]

Start of the new school year.

Being a music teacher has its perks. Every week I get to meet lovely people in my lessons, it is a varied job and a nice challenge to teach everyone on his/her own level and because I teach lessons people choose to go to themselves I usually see happy faces.[…]

Memories of Hans den Brok

In the last few months the FHF! has published some articles with the memories people have of harp builder Hans den Brok. It got me thinking, so here I’d like to share my story. In 2001 I moved from Maastricht, where I studied, to Elst, the surroundings I grew up[…]

Playing (harp) outside

It’s summer again, which means that here in the Netherlands there is a good chance of nice weather. It means that many of my students tell me there is little time to study: the temptation of going outside wins over the temptation of making music. But what if those two[…]