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Memories of Hans den Brok

In the last few months the FHF! has published some articles with the memories people have of harp builder Hans den Brok. It got me thinking, so here I’d like to share my story. In 2001 I moved from Maastricht, where I studied, to Elst, the surroundings I grew up[…]

Half an hour a day.

During my years at the conservatory I was sometimes jealous of one of my roomies. He studied psychology, but spent most of his days doing other things. During the day he hardly had to be at the university and most nights he would be out on the town. The only[…]


This summer I gave birth to our son. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and it was amazing to see a new life being born. Of course as (new) parents we are full of hopes and dreams for our baby. I found that it made me[…]