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Playing by ear

In two weeks I will be teaching a course on ‘playing by ear’ at the Harfentreffen  in Germany. I’m really looking forward to it, so I here’s a blog to get you all excited about playing by ear too. Many people consider playing by ear to be difficult and something[…]

Practising a piece with metronome.

Once you are used to playing something with a metronome you can start studying pieces with it. I would advise you to start with a piece that you have been studying for a while (in other words; with which you have no technique difficulties), but that isn’t finished enough to[…]

Practical info: how do I study with a metronome?

Here’s a tip for anyone who has never studied with a metronome before: turn it on and just try to play a note on the beat with the metronome. You can also start by counting along (aloud or in your mind) or by clapping, stamping on the floor or walking[…]

Why would you study with a metronome?

When you play an instrument, there is something that, sooner or later, you will find yourself getting acquainted with: the metronome. The metronome as we know it now was developed in 1815 in England, by Johann Maelzel, who continued on the work of Dietrich Nikolaus Winkel, who invented the mechanical[…]

Start of the new school year.

Being a music teacher has its perks. Every week I get to meet lovely people in my lessons, it is a varied job and a nice challenge to teach everyone on his/her own level and because I teach lessons people choose to go to themselves I usually see happy faces.[…]

Love the grind

Lately I have been listening to motivational speakers with some regularity, just because they make me think about my life. It can’t hurt to take some time to think about the things that are part of your daily life. Often times these motivational speakers say a lot of the same[…]

How will I reach my destination?

Last week I gave some tips on how to start your journey with a new piece of music. This week I’d like to talk about the second important question when planning a (musical) journey: how will you reach your destination? This involves two aspects: the time you need to get[…]

Planning a musical journey

In light of my upcoming workshop Study Smart I have decided it would be a good idea to start sharing some tips on how to study a musical instrument. In the last two weeks I wrote about my own experiences studying the harp and gave you some questions to think[…]

It’s not about how much you study, it’s about how you study.

Last week my blog got quite a few reactions so this week I’d like to continue on the topic of how to study. How much time you get for your music lessons, whether it’s 22,5 minutes per week (like my students in Kleve), 45 minutes every two weeks, a workshop[…]

Half an hour a day.

During my years at the conservatory I was sometimes jealous of one of my roomies. He studied psychology, but spent most of his days doing other things. During the day he hardly had to be at the university and most nights he would be out on the town. The only[…]