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Organising a festival is fun!

Session on ThursdayAt first my plan was to write this blog-post a few weeks before the Harp Friends Meeting, but somewhere between the many emails to artists and participants, the making of the folders and organising sleeping places it turned out there was too little time… That is one of the lessons I am taking with me to next year’s meeting: making sure I have blog posts lined up, because I won’t have time to write in those last weeks before the Harp Friends Meeting.

The Harp Friends Meeting 2016 ended a few days ago and I have had some time to rest, catch up on some sleep, which was needed, and look back at a wonderful event.
Every year both Jeanette and I wonder: what did we get ourselves into? And every year after the first day we are already talking about the next year, what to change, who to ask as teacher/performer…

Of course we get some promotion by organising the event, people come to Anouk’s workshops and visit de Zingende Snaar while they are at the festival, but if those were the only rewards, we probably wouldn’t keep with it. So what is so great about organising a festival?
– the happy faces of participants give us loads of satisfaction every year.
– seeing friendships emerge around the festival. People that are there for the first time get taken into the group of people coming every year.
– the time we spend with the teachers/performers is inspiring to us. You get to know the people you admire, get to spend time with them and understand them better, which brings new inspiration to your own life and work.

We have always gotten a lot of energy and satisfaction from the festivals we go to as participant/teacher (like the Edinburgh International Harp Festival or the Nordic Harp Meeting) and I hope our festival can do the same for the participants and teachers we invite. Most of all, we hope the festival will promote playing the folk (lever) harp in the Netherlands and will help create a tight group of enthusiastic musicians, because nothing is better than sharing your music.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in this last Harp Friends Meeting, the participants and also Ana Ester Santos, Monika Stadler, Mary Macmaster, Corrina Hewat and Brenda Dor-Groot. And the people who work mostly behind the scene: both our husbands (without them no posters, photos or website), Mariëlle and Frouke.
And that comes next? The iHFM 2016 has passed, but Jeanette and I are already making plans for next year’s event, our first lustrum!

A first impression of the past Harp Friends Meeting can be found on facebook. Soon you will also be able to find the photos on our website.
If you have any questions, or would like to keep informed about the iHFM you can let me know through the contact form on this website.

Mary Macmaster helping out during a workshop Workshop by Corrina Hewat Brenda Dor-Groot

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