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For a long time now I have been playing with the idea of having a logo made to capture the many aspects of my work as a harpist.
The idea stuck in my head, so when it was time to make plans for this new year I decided to take action.
After an internet search and looking at many webpages of businesses in my region, I came across Hartebeest: a company of two enthusiastic and very capable people from Nijmegen. The website showed me great designs for packaging CDs, something that spoke to the musician in me.

They invited me for an appointment, in which they would explain the procedure and I could explain to them what I would like to see in the logo.
For those of you who have never had a logo made: you join forces with a company, they make a design based on a meeting in which you discuss your ideas and then they come up with one design (sometimes two). I thought it was pretty daunting! What if I didn’t like the final design? Fortunately the first meeting already took away some of the concerns I had: I was speaking to two enthusiastic creative people, surrounded by many pretty designs of their own creation. The conversation was easy and they asked me for many things that I hadn’t even thought about; it gave me the confidence that they were going to make a logo that would fit my need.
Still, at the moment of the reveal I felt a bit of trepidation, what did they make?

The story of my logo starts with the Celtic harp. Although I do play pedal harp and give concerts on it, I want to promote the Celtic harp; that is where my heart is.
In long forgotten times, when you wanted to become a Bard you needed to be able to play three different types of music: music for joy, music for sorrow and music for sleep.
The logo shows all these elements: my Celtic harp that stole my heart and the three strands of music surrounding it. Those three strands surrounding my harp also show two other elements of the design: it is based on a Celtic triskelion (a symbol that I love) and the theme security that is very important in playing therapeutically.
All in all it’s the perfect logo and I am very happy to be able to use it for the coming years.
So, what’s the final design? Well, this of course:Anouk_Platenkamp-wit klein

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