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The 10 best things about playing the harp

Lately I have found a lot of negative posts on Facebook about playing the harp. Sure, they are meant in a funny way, and some parts of it may ring true, but I like to focus on the good things in life instead of the bad. So here is my list:

The 10 best things about playing the harp
1) You get to be there on the happiest day of people’s lives.
As a harpist I regularly get invited to play at weddings. Nothing can make me happier than seeing the happy couple prepare their special day. On the day itself you are surrounded by smiling people and you not only get to witness their special day, you get to be a part of the life long memories they make that day. What could be more special?
2) You get to comfort people with your music.
Harp music goes straight to the heart. It makes people forget their surrounding for a little bit and gives them something positive to focus on. Playing in care homes or hospitals have brought me cherished experiences and has meant a lot to the people I played for.
3) You get to provide people with a unique experience.
Although the harp is part of my everyday life, for most people it is an instrument they rarely see let alone get to touch. So whenever I play a concert and there is time, I let people try my harp, and it always brings a smile to their face.
4) People cheer up when they see a harp coming.
Harps make people smile. It’s unusual for most people and it makes them think of fairy tales, princesses and angels….
5) Your music sounds great from the minute you start.
Of course being able to play any instrument well requires practise, but with the harp you are able to play a simple tune after your first lesson and since the harp always has a lovely sound, even the simplest of tunes will sound great. Which makes all the hours practise so much more enjoyable.
6) If there’s a glamourous venue in need of a musical performance, the harpist will be invited.
Need I say more? You get to play in castles!
Castle Moyland small
7) You always get to feel your best in nice clothing.
As my mother always used to say: when someone asks for a harpist, they expect you to look the part. Which means there is no shortage of opportunities to look good wearing your best dress or suit. And if you have a party to go to, you always have something to wear!
8) There is always a topic of conversation at hand.
If like me you’re a bit shy to make first contact, saying you’re a harpist will make sure you have plenty to talk about for that first awkward conversation.
9) The harp makes for nice decoration.
No need to buy any fancy wall decorations anymore, you have a harp! There are actually people who buy this instrument just because they like the look of it in their living room, you get to hear it every day AND have a centrepiece for your living room.
10) You’re instantly part of an amazing, friendly group of people all over the globe.
Playing and loving harp music is what binds us. I have many harpist friends all over the world, people I see every day and people I only know on the internet. Harpists are among the nicest people you’ll meet.

What are your favourite things about playing the harp?

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