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This summer I gave birth to our son. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and it was amazing to see a new life being born. Of course as (new) parents we are full of hopes and dreams for our baby.
I found that it made me reflect on my own life as well.

Throughout your life there are these moments that stand out in colour through the grey of everyday life. The birth of our son and marrying my husband are some of these memories.
A very important memory to me is one that I have of my first harp. Funnily enough, I hardly have any memories of going to buy the harp, which I know we did with the whole family. From the family stories, I know that we went to two places (the only two stores in existence in the Netherlands at the time) to look for the right harp for me. I have a vague memory of one of them, but nothing stands out.
Neither do I remember all the hours that I sat behind this harp practicing the different pieces, even though I know I used to play half an hour every day before going to school.
My colour memory is one of my harp standing underneath the stairs in the house where I grew up. The walls behind it are white, the stairs spiral over it. The harp, MY harp, was an old model Camac, one that has a pillar made of some kind of metal, it had 36 nylgut strings and those white/blue/red plastic levers that Camac harps of the time had. In my memory it almost has a glow to it and the harp is huge. I remember being very proud of it and feeling so excited to start my lessons. It was like a little gift every day to see the harp and know that I could learn all the mysteries of making music. It was a dream that finally came true!
About four years ago I went to meet someone and it turned out that she had the exact same harp as my first one. The harp had held its years well, and looked and sounded good still. It was lovely to see the harp again (since I had to sell mine when I needed a pedal harp to study on), and it brought back all those same memories.

How about you? Do any memories of your harp stand out? Let me know on the comment section.

my first harp


  1. Lovely Anouk! The picture, the memories… And since you are part of my ‘harp-memories’, there’s not so much new I can tell you… 😉 Just looking at my first harp, when I had bought it but wasn’t able to play because of the surgery on my shoulder, made me so happy! And just touching the strings with one hand, not even really play on it… the sound of it…

    1. It’s so amazing what a harp can do 🙂 I love reading your blog and the stories in the Folk Harp Folks! too Anuscka.

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