Session playing 3: how to start instant accompaniment

In the last months we worked on some basic accompaniment patterns in 3/4. This week we are starting on instant accompaniment: being able to play chords to any tune (even tunes you don’t know yet). The best way to start is not to play but to listen. Listen intently for tune structure. In this video I explain what to listen for. Being able to recognize the structure of a tune will help you greatly with making quick accompaniments. In next month video we will cover how to go about actually finding which chords to play.

the Foggy Dew: follows AA BA

the Sally Gardens: follows AA BA

Butterfly (slipjig): follows AA BB CC (if you don’t know the Bothy Band, that’s a good band to check out for trad Irish music)
Monaghan jig: follows AA BB CC DD

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